All the Things You Should Have Known about Teething Necklaces

Teething necklaces are now getting more and more popular among parents and several factors make them become the most sought after teething solution for baby and toddlers. If you wish to know more about the details, here they are:

What are Teething Necklace?

We can simply define them as something to wear around the neck to let the baby feel better, since the symptoms tend to make the baby feel uncomfortable and more irritable than before such as the pain on the gums, drooling, etc.

The presence of teething necklaces surely become a great help not only for mom, but also for baby. Being less irritable means getting better sleep during the days and nights. The best necklace for your little one, in this case, should be something safe with zero side effects.

Baltic amber is an example of effective natural teething pain reliever since long time ago. The making of amber necklace for baby has been started and done by the highly skilled artisans in Baltic region, the place where amber can be easily found. This amber is claimed to be the best type compared to those taken from other places for the high percentage of succinic acid contained by the beads.

How Do They Work?

Baltic amber teething necklaces work to alleviate teething pain by releasing special property called succinic acid, the anti-inflammatory agent with calming effects for baby and toddler. It will be released by the beads and absorbed into bloodstream when being worn against skin.

The best standard length is 33cm or equal to 13 inches. Each necklace should come with good safety features, including double-knotted beads and screw clasp to ensure durability and avoid choking hazard. However, the use of amber necklace (still) should be under adult’s supervision.

Choosing amber teething necklaces as pain reliever is a good consideration due to the fact that it comes from nature, the best source of everything for human being. The special property released by amber beads are the treasure of fossilized pine tree resin, formed long time ago and contains no harmful chemicals at all.

Color, Shape, Surface and More

Looking at the details is an interesting part when you shop for baby amber necklaces. You can compare different colors, bead’s shapes, types of surface and so on. From transparent yellow to black, Baroque to Olive, glossy to raw, all are available to choose from.

Some necklaces have only one color of beads, while others consist of few different colors at once. So basically you can choose the simple design or the ones with combinations. Glossy beads look attractive for their smooth and shiny surface. If you prefer the most natural look, then raw or unpolished beads are made for you. They have rough surface but comfortable to wear. Don’t worry about that. Matte beads offer the combination of glossy and raw characteristics: smooth, natural, not shiny. Choose any surface you love the most, because all of them offer the same great health benefits for your little ones.

Not only effective in alleviating the pain on the gums, Baltic amber teething necklaces help the body to remove toxins and negative energy, therefore the babies and toddlers could get the ultimate protection against any diseases and discomfort. So it won’t be wrong to call amber necklace as an awesome immunity booster too.

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